Introducing: Matière Noire

Matière Noire

Matière Noire is french for ‘’dark matter’’: the mysterious matter, which theoretically accounts for a large part of the total mass of the universe that appears to be missing.

Matière Noire is a Canadian fashion house founded with the idea that high quality, well-designed products should be sustainable and priced properly. Through founder and creative director Cécile Raizonville’s interest for architecture, arts, culture and craftsmanship, Matière Noire’s collections are characterized by mixing feminity/masculity and tradition/modernity.

All the garments are locally produced, using mainly natural fabrics. Each season Matière Noire tries to collaborate with different ‘’artist’’ in order to use different process to create unique pieces.

Matière Noire is a collaborative project that encourage consciousness, boldness and a curious approach through creative collaboration with Montreal artistic scene. The brand currently produces all of its products in Canada.  As the line evolves we seek to employ mainly organic fabrics. Through these collaborations Matière Noire seeks to root the brand in the Montreal artistic scene.